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    By Bus

    The Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway and Peter Pan bus lines both operate between Boston (Logan Airport/South Station) and Provincetown. Both require passengers to purchase their tickets online ahead of time, as drivers are unable to sell tickets. Peter Pan offers free wi-fi and charging stations on its buses. (ptownie tip: We think this is the best deal ever: a round trip ticket on either bus line costs less than the gas it would take for you to drive here!)

    By Car

    Be prepared for a lot of traffic, especially as you approach the Sagamore and Bourne bridges, and whenever Route 6 becomes one lane. Be very careful driving on Suicide Alley (you’ll understand why it’s called that once you see it) and in Eastham and Wellfleet, which have particularly vigilant speed-limit enforcement. If you can avoid driving to Provincetown, we strongly recommend it. Traffic on the Cape is intense, as there’s essentially only one road in or out, which can easily become the equivalent of a parking lot. You won’t be using the car once you’re here, so why not leave it at home and take a more scenic route to your destination?