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    Why Provincetown’s AWOL Hotel is the Place to Be

    Provincetown AWOL Hotel
    August 9, 2019

    It’s definitely one of Provincetown’s best-kept secrets, but AWOL Hotel deserves to be secret no longer. Everything about it is different from what you’ve come to expect from a Provincetown inn, and at ptownie, we’re convinced it’s going to become the “in” place to be in Ptown in 2019.

    Located in the West End on the site of the former Inn at the Moors, AWOL provides a boutique hotel experience unlike anything else Provincetown has to offer. It’s elegant—but also sharply distinctive in that it’s neither quasi-Victorian (no flowery wallpaper or porcelain figurines) nor fiercely nautical (no shiplap or painted buoys). Instead, AWOL’s presence is simple and understated, and very sensibly allows its surroundings—including spectacular views of the moors and ocean—to do the talking.

    AWOL Hotel Provincetown

    It’s that understanding of being part of a unique location that makes AWOL stand out: it feels organic, as though it has always been exactly where it is. It’s not fussy, pretentious, or trying to be anything other than what it is—a place to call home in the midst of all the activities and events Provincetown offers visitors. Everything is geared toward comfort, with private patios and balconies, beach cruisers for a day of exploration, a pool and firepit for an evening with friends, corkscrews and wine glasses thoughtfully placed in every room.

    AWOL shows how to do coastal right: not by dressing up but dressing down, with polished concrete floors, layered natural fabrics, no-frills private and group spaces, and an attentive professional staff; this isn’t the Lark Hotels’ first establishment, and the experience shows. Every evening beer and wine are available along with “cult-worthy” spirits; breakfast features curated small plates and homemade baked goods.

    And why the name—absent without leave? It’s a mischievous play on the colloquial term for escaping off the grid, a cheeky alternate way of perceiving a vacation. And you really can’t get more AWOL than being literally at Land’s End!

    AWOL combines the best of all worlds: attentive service when desired and privacy when not. Classic Cape Cod with just a hint of playfulness. Luxurious surrounding that maintain their simplicity. As an added bonus, visitors can join the “On a Lark” club for welcome gifts, upgrades, and more.

    We’re excited about helping Ptown visitors discover AWOL Hotel for a vacation unlike any other. This level of quality in a best-kept secret won’t keep it secret for long!

    photo credit: Read McKendree

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