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    Art We Love & Why: Buoy Benefit

    Art We Love Buoys
    May 14, 2021

    Art We Love & Why: Buoy Benefit

    Artist Paint Buoys to Benefit ASGC

    Before coming to Provincetown I worked for an amazing and creative non profit organization.  It was a constant challenge to come up with new ideas to stand out and try and raise money for a cause we felt passionate about.  The Aids Support Group of Cape Cod has done this:  BRILLANTLY.

    They are auctioning off Buoys painted by local artists.  Not only is it a great idea but they are really creative and beautiful works of art. The work they do saves lives.  Life preservers.  Get it?  To continue on the brilliant part of this- if you buy one it counts as a tax deductible contribution.  Win.  Win.  And these are artists I would love to have in my home.

    If you don’t know about the work that ASGCC does please take a look.  They are doing work that really matter in the area of health and combatting the issues around the Opioid Epidemic.

    I have a couple of my particular favorites I am going to bid on but I’m a competitive guy and not going to let you get the best of me.

    Here is the link to look and bid.  But don’t doddle…the auction ends tomorrow May 15th. AUCTION

    Adam PeckAmanda Messersmith

    Barbara CohenDavid Whitman

    Helen GrimmKaren Cappotto

    Kate LenaMark Adams

    Pasquale NatalePaul Rizzo

    Pete HockingThe Students of the Provincetown IB Schools

    Tim ConveryTrevor Mikula

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