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    The Provincetown Arts Society

    Provincetown Arts Society
    July 24, 2023

    There’s a place in the town’s East End that could give Alice and her Wonderland a run for their money. From the outside, the Mary Heaton Vorse House looks like any other venerable Cape Cod abode. But step through the door and you’re immersed in a magical world of beauty, warmth, and charm that is intoxicating.

    Provincetown Arts Society 3

    Once the home of the journalist, activist, and arts patron Mary Heaton Vorse, this former sea captain’s house is now the nonprofit Provincetown Arts Society (PAS), brainchild of Ken Fulk, whose vision and largesse rescued the structure and created a thriving center for the arts in Provincetown.

    This year PAS has an ambitious lineup of art exhibitions, performances, films, and culinary events throughout the summer and well into the fall.

    Provincetown Arts Society 2

    Part of the magic of the art exhibitions is the opportunity to see world-class art thoughtfully integrated into a home setting by curator and PAS Director Gene Tartaglia. Exhibitions this year include selections from the collection of the Del Deo Foundation for the Arts; a portraiture show featuring James Everett Stanley, David Hilliard, and Sal del Deo; a show of Sal del Deo’s rarely seen works on paper; and a retrospective of photographer Susan Mikula.

    As if that weren’t enough, there’s an outdoor film series curated by the Provincetown Film Society; a play with Tyne Daly, Gail Strickland, and Celeste Lecesne; dance with New York choreographer Eryc Taylor; and a fashion event featuring some of our talented Provincetown clothiers.

    In short, if your stay in Provincetown this year doesn’t yet include a visit to the Provincetown Arts Society, go directly to and pick your adventure – magic awaits.

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