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    We’re excited to hear that Provincetown Arts Press is publishing a new full-color edition of David Dunlap’s excellent and iconic Building Provincetown! It’s been the go-to online resource for finding out anything and everything about the past incarnations of nearly any address in town—online, because the original 2015 black-and-white edition sold out after two printings.

    Dunlap’s unique volume on the architecture and related history of Provincetown is an outstanding resource for visitors and residents alike—anyone who loves the town, remembers it “in the day,” or just wants to know more about it.

    The press will produce two more books this year as well: Our Provincetown: Intimate Portraits by Barbara E. Cohen (original paintings of the town and the Provincelands with essays by writers and town leaders), and Broadsided Press: Fifteen Years of Poetic and Artistic Collaboration.