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    37th Swim for Life & Annual Flotilla
    Date: 2024-09-07     Time: 8 AM : 00 minutes

    Join us for the 37th Provincetown Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla on September 7, 2024 in Provincetown Harbor (high tide is 3:00 pm!) and Wellfleet’s Great Pond.

    The Swim for Life’s essence embodies Provincetown as a place of healing and compassion. We celebrate our community as one that not only cares about our local health and well-being, but also about Planet Earth, which faces unparalleled environmental challenges. Provincetown is a spiritual home to people across the globe. A place of hope and promise. Swimmers have come from France, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico, Spain, UK, Canada and beyond to our healing waters.

    The Provincetown Harbor event is a 1.2 mile swim along the shallow East End shoreline; we also sponsor a Swim in Wellfleet’s Great Pond – 1 mile.

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