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    All-Women’s Sunset Schooner Sail
    Date: 2023-07-22     Time: 6 PM : 30 minutes

    Join the women of Girl Splash and the captain and crew of the Bay Lady II for a memorable sail across Provincetown Harbor into Cape Cod Bay for All-Women’s Sunset Schooner Sail. What could be better than to sail with a schooner full of women! Join us for an amazing experience! Get your tickets now; this event sells out every year.

    The Bay Lady II is reminiscent of the old fishing schooners that sailed the waters of Provincetown during the early part of the 1900’s. When the engine is turned off and 2,230 square feet of sails fill with wind, the Bay Lady glides quietly across the water with the grace and beauty only found on a sailing vessel. The wind and sky create a constantly-changing panorama, accompanied by the sounds of wind in the rigging and the lapping of water against the hull.

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