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    Elton Undressed: Todd Alsup Sings Elton John

    April 29, 2024

    Flamboyant. Outrageous. Decadent. Elton John and his music are many things. But what’s behind the costumes and the larger than life persona? NY pop singer/songwriter/pianist Todd Alsup will take you on an acoustic journey through the soulful songbook of the Rocket Man, highlighting what makes his enduring hit songs so unusual and special. 

    “Elton Undressed: Todd Alsup Sings Elton John” is returning for a second season at The Crown after a sold out run in summer 2023 in Provincetown!  Grab your tickets while you can – and bring your glasses!  This is an innovative and very personal show that has left audiences astounded and deeply moved.  

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