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    Mona Mour Is Not Drag Brunch
    Date: 2023-06-27     Time: 9 PM : 30 minutes

    MONA MOUR IS NOT DRAG BRUNCH! Every Tuesday all season beginning June 27 at 10pm in the Grotta Bar in Provincetown. Tickets are $19.99, the cheapest show in town! A bargain in a basement! Live vocals! Dead eyes! Don’t miss what’s sure to be the flop of the summer.

    What inspired me to create this show?

    A desperate need for attention, obviously. But Mona isn’t exactly a “morning person.” In fact, when she first embarked on her un-illustrious drag career, shows and performances were traditionally at night time, when queens typically emerge from their darkened, drawn-blind homes like vampires with bigger hair. Shouldn’t we as somewhat prominent, moderately revered members of the queer community be able to decide what time our shows should be instead of following the trendy whims of dollar-bill clutching, bottomless-mimosa-loving patrons who prefer our special lack of talent and questionable entertainment in the very early light of day without any consideration of the natural, nocturnal natures of queens? Mona says enough. She’s going back into the basement at night to sing and dance in a dark, dank dive bar within ten feet of the restroom toilet as the almighty drag gods intended.

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