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    The Petty Four: Just Desserts Holiday Tour
    Date: 2023-12-02     Time: 7 PM : 30 minutes

    Kicked out of the north pole for their bratty, naughty behavior, The dazzling desserts turned girl group, The Petty Four have been sent on tour to find the meaning of Christmas and get some holiday cheer. It has now been 300 years of touring the world with their show. They have reached the final night of their tour. Will the Petty Four find the meaning of Christmas and get the holiday cheer they need to be allowed back to the north pole or will they run out of time? Join Qya Cristál as Lulu Lemon, Roxy Pops as Peachez N Cream, João Santos as Violet Blueberry and Delta Miles as Rowena Razzberry as The Crown and Anchor presents Provincetown’s brand new holiday musical: The Petty Four: Just Desserts Holiday Tour!

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