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    50 Years of Castle Hill

    Castle Hill Ballet
    June 25, 2022

    Castle Hill Celebrates 50 years with a New Outdoor Stage and Two Weekends of Dance.

    The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer with a stellar lineup of over 150 workshops and events, including a GalaBash on July 23. This year’s workshops include painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, and writing, and will be largely in-person, with a few offered online. The GalaBash is a community event featuring music by Chandler Travis and the Philharmonic, Steve Morgan and the Kingfish, and food by Cosmos Catering.

    Castle Hill Dance

    A highlight of the season is the 15th annual Provincetown Dance Festival. Prior to the pandemic, Cherie Mittenthal, executive artistic director of Castle Hill, had already begun plans to build a new outdoor stage at the Edgewood Farm campus, just off Route 6 in Truro. Thanks to her determination and the generosity of key donors, the stage was completed in time for the summer of 2021. It was christened Sam’s Stage, to honor the late Sam Miller, a leader in promoting dance and a presence on the Outer Cape for five decades.

    This summer the Dance Festival will expand to two weekends: August 19/20 and August 26/27. With enhancements made to the stage made this year, Festival Artistic Director Adam Miller says, “Sam’s Stage is the premiere outdoor performance space on the Outer Cape. Audiences can bring wine, a picnic, and sit under the stars to enjoy a beautiful evening of dance.”

    Highlights of the 2022 festival include performances by an artist from the Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the return of artists from the Boston Ballet, tap artist Khalid Hill, Irish step dancing duo Rebecca McGowan and Jackie O’Riley, tap and percussion ensemble Dramatix, classical Indian dancer Priya Bangal, contemporary dance artists Lilah Van Rens and Jade Manns, a contemporary duet by Fukudance, and the City Ballet of Boston. And many more!

    Castle Hill Drummer Dance

    For updated information on the 2022 Dance Festival and Castle Hill programs, go to or or call the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill at 508.359.7511.

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