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    New Show: Wake Up, Provincetown!

    Wake Up Provincetown
    May 27, 2022

    YouTube, Fridays at 9:00am – YouTube Page

    Ever since the start of the pandemic, every Friday morning has seen people settling in, clutching their coffee, to watch Ptown’s own breakfast show, Wake Up, Provincetown! Hosted by Harrison Fish and Bob Keary, it’s a talk show filmed at the Provincetown Brewing Company taproom and produced in coordination with the tech wizards at Live From Provincetown. 

    The show brings in guests from every layer of the town, from political leaders to drag queens, from FAWC fellows to musicians, and everyone seems to respond well to the hosts’ banter and particular brand of humor. During the season, it’s performers galore; in the offseason, there’s a real attempt to show sides to Provincetown even residents might not know about. And the streaming feature keeps viewers in touch with the town, even when they’re away. It’s not quite Good Morning, Vietnam, but it’s sure to wake you up anyway!

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