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    Smarter, Cheaper, Local Rentals

    Smarter Cheaper Local Rentals
    June 6, 2023

    If you’re traveling to the Cape and Islands, or if you have a vacation rental property here, then those are the magic words: We Need a Vacation.

    Getting to know the homeowners is an important component for the family-run organization. The contrast with other vacation rental sites is stark. The two big-box sites covering this area control the entire rental process, so there’s no direct communication permitted between owners and guests prior to booking. “That flies in the face of what we recommend,” says co-owner Jeff Talmadge. “Having a phone conversation with prospective guests enables owners to determine if the vacationers are a good fit. It also develops trust. There’s so much at stake in establishing a relationship before you book the home. We are always being contacted by owners in other parts of the country asking if we will expand to their area!”

    Because the big-box sites charge a processing fee of 10-14%, vacationers end up paying substantially more when booking through those sites. The state and local lodging tax, which is now at 14.45% for almost all of the Cape, applies to the processing fee along with the rent, making the vacationer payout even greater.

    Here are a couple of recent examples. Compare these prices for the same Provincetown properties:

    • Airbnb:  $7443 + $200 cleaning + $1078 Airbnb fee + $1259 tax = $9,975
    • We Need a Vacation: $6495 + $200 cleaning + $967 tax = $7,662


    • VRBO: $8250 + $1157 host fees + $872 VRBO fee +$1359 tax = $11,638
    • We Need a Vacation: $7500 + $450 cleaning + $295 admin fee (realtor) + $1191 tax = $9436

    “Each listing has a quality score to help guide homeowners,” says Jim Talmadge. “Is their listing up to date? Do they have reviews? Are they responsive to vacationer inquiries? What can they do to enhance their listing? We don’t display the score, but rather the goal is to help them be their best.”

    The future is about continued growth. The company is always evolving to meet the changes in technology and the rental industry, and is determined to continue as the leader in this space.

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