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    To & From The Wharf

    Car Rentals

    There are car rentals via Enterprise at the Provincetown Airport, though you need to make a reservation and let them know what time you’re coming, as the desk isn’t always staffed.


    Your best transportation bet is a bicycle, and we strongly urge you to reserve one in advance. Parking for cars is very limited and very expensive, the parking police are vigilant, and bicycles allow you to get around while seeing… and being seen! All the bicycle rental shops also now offer ebike rentals.

    Boats in Provincetown HarborBike Rentals in Provincetown

    Bicycle Repair Stations

    There’s free help when you’re out and about on Commercial Street: we have two bicycle repair stations, one on each end of town:


    Localized bus service is offered seven days a week, with a summer shuttle bus to the beaches. CCRTA also provides daily bus service from 5:30am to 11:15pm from Star Market in Harwich to Stop & Shop in Provincetown, and beginning at 6:00am to 12:40am from Stop & Shop in Provincetown to Star Market in Harwich.

    The Flex picks up and drops off passengers at designated stops; passengers may board the Flex at any of the scheduled bus stops or they may flag the bus down anywhere along the bus route except along Route 6.


    Parking regulations in Provincetown are very strictly enforced (we kid you not), seven days a week, including holidays, from May 1st to October 31st. Street and metered parking rules are in effect from 8am until midnight. Due to health issues the parking lots only accept credit cards. (The McMillan Pier and Prince Street lots are open 24 hours. The benefit of these two lots is that you pay based on amount of time you’re there.)

    Major lots include:

    Kiosk and metered parking (municipal parking):