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    Provincetown FunicularHennep Dispensary Provincetown

    3 Grace Boutique
    261 Commercial Street

    The new owner of 3 Graces was raised in her mother Laura’s clothing store in Provincetown, usually with an electronic tag placed in her pocket to alert grown-ups if she tried to wander out of the shop! 3 Graces is a multi-generational boutique, where mothers and daughters can each find the perfect piece, be it clothing, shoes, or accessories, a blend between owner Cassandra’s twenty-something demographic and that of her mother.

    Admiral’s Landing B&B
    158 Bradford Street

    The new owners of Admiral’s Landing, on Bradford Street, David Yates and John Hatch, couldn’t be more thrilled about their new venture. “We had talked for years about buying a business together,” says Yates. “We knew we wanted it to be in Ptown and most likely something hospitality-oriented.” Yates himself has worked for Crowne Pointe for some years, so his experience influenced their decision—and will stand them in good stead in the years to come. As for Hatch, he’d worked as a veterinarian on the Lower Cape for five years in the 1990s and always dreamed of coming back to the Cape. “Admiral’s Landing is the perfect size and location for us and is exactly what we’d been looking for!” says Yates.

    What changes are they planning? “I have a passion for technology—actually, I’m a geek!” confesses Yates. “So we’re hoping to eventually incorporate as much smart technology into the inn as possible. But we also plan on carrying on Audri and Robyn’s wonderful tradition of warm, inclusive hospitality.” The couple looks forward to getting to know new and returning guests and becoming even more a part of the Provincetown community. “We couldn’t be more excited to jump in and make a splash in an industry and town we love so much!” says Yates.

    Baie Buttery
    437 Commercial Street

    Raina Stefani is back this year with Baie Buttery, located at Poor Richard’s Landing on Commercial Street. The space is still a gallery, one specific to the connections Stefani have made through and about Provincetown new and old, both the commercial (artists, fishermen) and the natural world (whales, dunes, sea creatures). In addition, some of the works on the walls are never-before-seen photographs of old Provincetown (Stefani is a fourth-generation townie), and the pantry offers olive oils and tinned fish from Portugal.

    In true family tradition, the Buttery will also feature Stefani’s sea salt (made from Provincetown waters, in special ceramic sea salt containers), as well as Stefani’s mother’s flower arrangements, brother’s metal sculptures, uncle’s bronze belt buckles, and cousin’s hand-printed tea towels.

    Boston Taxicab

    Boston Taxicab Service now offers minivan and luxury car service from Boston (including Logan Airport) to Provincetown.

    Building Provincetown

    We’re excited to hear that Provincetown Arts Press is publishing a new full-color edition of David Dunlap’s excellent and iconic Building Provincetown! It’s been the go-to online resource for finding out anything and everything about the past incarnations of nearly any address in town—online, because the original 2015 black-and-white edition sold out after two printings.

    Dunlap’s unique volume on the architecture and related history of Provincetown is an outstanding resource for visitors and residents alike—anyone who loves the town, remembers it “in the day,” or just wants to know more about it.

    The press will produce two more books this year as well: Our Provincetown: Intimate Portraits by Barbara E. Cohen (original paintings of the town and the Provincelands with essays by writers and town leaders), and Broadsided Press: Fifteen Years of Poetic and Artistic Collaboration.

    Building ProvincetownCrews Quarters Provincetown

    Crews’ Quarters Bunkhouse
    198 Commercial Street

    The old “Ranch” is back but with a cool new twist: New owner has rechristened and re-imagined the space into “Crews Quarters,” paying homage to Provincetown as a decades-long gay and artistic community. There’s a retro vibe to the place that gives the “old queer boardinghouse feel” to it. It includes eighteen rooms “in the old style, with shared bathrooms,” and six new “single bunkrooms that are super-sexy for the lone gay traveler,”. He’s been putting thought into authentic vintage touches throughout the building, with each room’s styling unique “and true to the old Ranch, where each room had a different name, so each had its own ambiance and vibe,” “We’ve been restoring the building, re-using materials throughout: when we remove wood paneling from here, we use it there.

    Hammock Gallery
    361 Commercial Street

    It used to sell hammocks, but as of last summer it’s become the latest gallery to stroll in Provincetown, offering both historical and contemporary art.

    Heal Cannabis Dispensary
    48A Shank Painter Road

    Heal Cannabis offers a variety of high-quality adult-use cannabis products. Heal is a Massachusetts-owned company, including Ptown locals, individuals dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis products for its customers while making a positive impact by giving back to the communities where it operates.

    Heal is launching this summer with a wide range of adult-use products and will be expanding into medical use shortly thereafter to offer medical cannabis to the residents and visitors of Ptown and the surrounding area. The company views medical cannabis as a core building-block for its community partnerships and is constructing a cultivation/processing facility allowing it to bring to market an exclusive brand of premium craft medical grade and adult-use cannabis products in 2022.

    Helltown Provincetown
    338 Commercial Street

    Shop featuring “helltown”-related items, including candles, jewelry, t-shirts, paperweights, coasters, and a plethora of other gift ideas. (Helltown was the nickname for Provincetown in 1600s due to the carousing, drinking, gambling, and smuggling that occurred near Hatches Harbor. Something about this nickname and history was intriguing, and so the shop was christened. The owner and his partner are also the owners of Carpe Diem Guesthouse.)

    Helltown ProvincetownPerfect Picnic Provincetown

    Hennep Provincetown Dispensary
    246 Commercial Street

    The third adult-use cannabis dispensary to be licensed in Provincetown, Hennep’s name comes from the Dutch word for cannabis or hemp. Owner Andrew Koudijs’ father is from the Netherlands, and Koudijs wanted his first fulltime business—he is just 24 years old—to honor his family. Why a dispensary? “Cannabis was legalized in Colorado when I was a freshman in high school,” he says. “It had this whole Prohibition feel to it. Then it was legalized in Massachusetts when I was a freshman at BU, and my best friend and I decided it was something we could do.

    Inn at Cook Street
    7 Cook Street

    The Inn at Cook Street – in the heart of ptown’s East End Gallery District – is now owned and operated by Spencer McCormack and Dustin Ross, recent DC transplants to ptown. “We have for years fantasized about having our own Inn: a place that is an extension of ourselves but can also feel like a second home to our guests,” Spencer exclaims. “Now that has become a very welcome reality. The experience and process has been amazing, thanks in large part to the warm welcome we have received from the local community.”

    As for what they bring to the Inn, Dustin states, “We definitely want to highlight those elements that have kept guests returning time and time again: namely, the gorgeous gardens and landscaping.” Spencer reiterates, “Fortunately, the Inn has been so well cared for that we can come in and focus on complementing the existing business with our own unique elements and style.”

    As for the day-to-day, Dustin will be leading in the kitchen while Spencer runs much of the operations and building relationships with the guests. “Cooking is my love language,” Dustin tells us, “and so our breakfasts will be comforting, thoughtfully prepared, and delicious! Creating and preparing breakfast for our guests is a highlight of my day!”

    “We hope to to appeal to new visitors while also providing the first-of-its-class experience that repeat guests have come to love,” Spencer continues.

    Just as important to the couple is integrating with and supporting the community. “Ptown is our home. I cannot imagine ever living anywhere else!” They exclaim.

    246 Commercial Street

    It’s going be our go-to dinner restaurant! Featuring small, fresh plates from Greece to Spain to Morocco emphasizing seafood and vegetables with cocktails that will liven up a Mediterranean dinner.

    Perfect Picnic Provincetown
    258 Commercial Street and 293 Commercial Street

    Covid-19 changed part-time resident Mark Mitchell’s plans. “The pandemic made me decide, let’s do something different and spend more time in Ptown,” the owner of Perfect Picnic confesses. The business represents a third career for the former USA figure-skating champion, a professional with Champions on Ice, and a Team USA coach, who established the elite Mitchell-Johansson Method of ice coaching with his husband Peter Johansson in 1995. With no skating rink in Provincetown, “I decided to do a specialty food store instead!” Perfect Picnic offers a plethora of options for elegant meals for pickup (and, Mitchell hopes, available for delivery later this year). “Our classic is two cured meats, two cheeses, a baguette, fig jam, marinated olives, a beverage and cookies,” says Mitchell. But the choices only start there: Perfect Picnic offers kids’ picnics, a romantic picnic, an American picnic, as well as à la carte items so customers can choose their own. “We also have what we call bagguetinis,” says Mitchell, describing five-inch baguette sandwiches in 12 different combinations.

    Outer Cape Tours and Concierge Service

    Offering eco- and history tours of Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet, Outer Cape Tours and concierge Ann Wood can help you organize almost any outing. Their regular offerings include a Pirates & Witches tour, a tour of ecosystems along old railway lines and another of the Provincetown dunes, a look at the vestiges of the Cold War out at the old North Truro air force base, and tours of the bay and Beech Forest ecosystems.

    Occasional special tours are also available, such as Billy Hough’s “Wild West of the East” and Dennis Minsky’s “Bay Creatures Great and Small.”

    Treadwell Gallery ProvincetownWomencrafts Provincetown

    Pillow Top Shop
    237 Commercial Street

    Pillow Top is a new decorative pillow store located in the center of town at Whaler’s Wharf. You’ll find one-of-a-kind designs from traditional home decor to queer pop and art pieces that you’ll never find anywhere else, made right in the store; they’ll also feature items from other local Ptown artists. Owned by artist Michael DiMartino and his husband Brian Orter.

    Post Office Cafe & Cabaret (New Owners)
    303 Commercial Street

    New owners Jack Kelly and Paul Melanson aren’t strangers to Provincetown—they already own and manage the Tin Pan Alley restaurant and piano bar on Commercial Street. They’ve made some major renovations to the space, including an upgrade to the kitchen and new sound and lighting systems upstairs. The restaurant was closed for the first time since 1974 during the summer of 2020, and the new owners plan to take advantage of Ken Horgan’s offer of outdoor space at the Pilgrim House indoor entertainment resuming when allowed.

    Provincetown Museum and Pilgrim Monument Funicular

    The new funicular carries you from the Bas-Relief Park on Bradford Street (near Town Hall) and up to the museum.

    Provincetown Theater
    238 Bradford Street

    Provincetown Theater’s summer season takes place in the Playhouse in the Parking Lot behind the theater building itself.

    Salty Market’s Bagels
    2 Highland Road, Truro

    There’s everything to love about this neighborhood provisions shop, but ptownie has just discovered its homemade bagels, available seven days a week. Plain, poppyseed, sesame, and everything are the core flavors, but watch out for cheddar on Fridays, onion on Saturdays, and pumpernickel on Sundays. They’re New York-style and delicious! (Salty Market is also expanding its deli specials as well as its gift/souvenir section, including new art from local artist Susan Baker).

    Scents of Adventure
    368A Commercial Street

    A scented candle company may not sound adventurous but wait for it—there are candles created especially for Ptown, featuring scents such as Drag Brunch, Below Deck, Dune Tour, Pilgrim Heights, Tea Dance, and Underwear Party! Add these to other woodsy scents, seasonal scents, fruity & nutty scents, marine scents, masculine scents, powder scents, and more… well, you get the idea. Lots to choose from here!

    Sidekicks Travel Baby Equipment Rentals
    353 Commercial Street

    Sidekicks has been in Provincetown for several years, providing entertainment options and activities for children on the go. This year it’s adding baby-equipment rentals, so if your baby needs something you forgot at home, check them out.

    Steele Active
    296 Commercial Street

    New activewear shop

    Stowaway Society Director
    210 Bradford Street

    Daniel Marandola makes his way from New York City to head the Stowaway Society, a new non-profit artist residency program based in Provincetown aimed to bridge the gap affordable housing and the artist maker community. Daniel had this to say about the Stowaway Society, “the idea of creating safe spaces and financial support for artist in a place like P-town makes my new position less like a job and more like a dream. Supporting my queer community and this incredible town at the same time is just a win-win!”–


    Kristen Becker’s new Topless Tours Ptown is an open-air sightseeing experience. The personalized, concierge-style service includes complementary pick-up and drop-off within town limits. Each trip is exclusive to your group: one flat rate includes up to four people. (So you get to choose the music!) Vehicles are sanitized after each trip, and the open-air aspect keeps safety at a premium.

    Topless Tours operates throughout the Cape Cod National Seashore, and, as Becker humorously warns, “all tours are subject to the whims of nesting seabirds!”

    Town Crier

    The Provincetown Chamber of Commerce has chosen Daniel Gomez Llata as its new Town Crier. Llata recently served as Provincetown Community Ambassador where he was tasked with providing information to residents on COVID-19 precautions and how to keep safe throughout the pandemic. He will be taking over for Kenneth Lonergan, who had held the position for 13 years.

    Treadwell Gallery
    170 Commercial Street

    The Treadwell Gallery, located at 170 Commercial Street here in Provincetown is owned and operated by local artist Shann Treadwell. Along with showing the owners own work, the Treadwell gallery has a roster of young talented artists, with a focus on local artists. Other artists include Sam Waxman, Jonathan Kent Adams, Derek Macara, Zachary Crane, and Anne Louise Ewen among others.

    Truro Vineyards
    11 Shore Road, North Truro

    The Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits are pleased to announce a new rye whiskey coming out in July 2021, along with the Vineyards’ first Pinot Noir with Oregon grapes (May 2021), and finally a ready-to-drink cocktail-in-a-can for the beach of Dry-Line rosé gin and lemonade.

    Womencrafts/Jo Hay Partnership
    367 Commercial Street

    Owner Michelle Axelson is now displaying Provincetown artist Jo Hay’s vibrant large-size paintings if iconic women—Kamala Harris, Stacy Abrams, Emma Gonzalez, Rachel Maddow, Elizabeth Warren, and more. Cards, prints, pins, t-shirts and more are available to help celebrate the lives and contributions of these social-justice trailblazers.