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    What New Weed Innovation is Now Available at Curaleaf Provincetown?

    July 3, 2020

    A new lifestyle is coming to town!

    Wakefield-based cannabis company Curaleaf opened its doors in Provincetown in January, and it’s about to enhance its adult-use offerings with a lifestyle brand from the West Coast.

    The Select cannabis oil brand is built around what Jenn Wong, VP of marketing at Curaleaf, calls “a relentless pursuit of progress and a commitment to help consumers Select Better in every facet of their lives.”

    Select is currently sold in nine states–Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon, with the Connecticut expansion in June, Massachusetts on July 3, and Maine later in July.

    The partnership is the result of the acquisition of the Select brand by Curaleaf. “The deal closed at the beginning of the year, and we’re doing a state-by-state rollout. I am extremely excited to finally be able to launch a cannabis brand from the West Coast here in Massachusetts and make premium vape cartridges and gummies available to the Massachusetts customer,” says Patrik Jonsson, president of Curaleaf Massachusetts.

    Provincetown clients will be able to purchase two new products, Select’s Elite Oil cartridge and Select’s Nano Gummies.

    Curaleaf Provinceotwn Vape

    The Elite Oil vape cartridge uses proprietary, highly refined distillation techniques to produce an activated, broad-spectrum oil with some of the highest THC levels available. Consumers will find it “potent, because the Elite line contains a broad-spectrum of cannabinoids with a high concentration of activated THC; reliable, because it’s housed in our revolutionary Generation 9 cartridge design; and consistent, due to an impressive array of effect and flavor options created by reintroducing a proprietary blend of terpenes to our highly-refined distillate oil,” says Wong.

    Select Nano Gummies are a new kind of edible made with Select’s concentrated broad-spectrum oil and produced using nano-emulsion technology. They are designed to provide a convenient, reliable effect without the long wait typically associated with cannabis edibles.

    What’s the story of Select? They’d love to tell you about it here.

    “Select is built on wanting to welcome people to something better,” says Wong. “The story is that our founder had a friend with a bad cough, so he checked out his friend’s cartridges to see what was causing the harshness, and he ended up developing an industry-leading initiative—and now the majority of the industry uses this cartridge!”

    The Select Nanos in particular provide consumers with a different experience from that of typical edibles. How? Here’s the science: traditional cannabis edibles are fat-soluble, so when you consume them, your liver is in charge of processing the cannabis compounds (like THC). That means it can take up to a couple of hours to feel the effect. With Nanos, a water-soluble surface layer encapsulates the cannabis oil, so the compounds are absorbed into your bloodstream before they reach your liver, and you’ll feel the full effects much sooner.

    Curaleaf Provincetown Nano Gummies

    Select Nano Gummies will launch in Provincetown in two all-natural flavors, Fresh Treat (strawberry peach) and Sour Blues (blueberry lemon), made with high-quality broad-spectrum distillate providing what’s called an “entourage effect.” (When you smoke or vape cannabis, your body takes in hundreds of botanical compounds with unique effects and benefits. Each compound affects the others, creating the entourage effect.) The natural flavors, for their part, deliver a better-tasting gummy.

    “This is truly a lifestyle brand,” says Wong. “We’re looking to normalize cannabis usage across the board. Whether it’s with our budtenders or on the wholesale side, we put in a lot of education. We line up our beliefs into both our products and our aesthetic.”

    “We made a strategic decision,” says Jonsson, “to buy the best cannabis brand in the world. At the time it was only on the West Coast, and we saw it as a big opportunity. Curaleaf’s footprint is taking Select’s success onto the East Coast, so we’re making the brand national.”

    Provincetown customers will be able to purchase Select brand Elite vape cartridges and Nano Gummies starting July 3. More information is available on the brand’s website.

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