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    What’s New in Provincetown?

    View of Provincetown From Pilgrim Monument
    May 29, 2019

    What’s New for 2019?

    You know how it is: you turn your back on a place and, before you know it, everything’s changed! We want to keep you “in the knows” about what’s new in Ptown for 2019, and also about what changes are happening. We’re excited about a lot of the changes and the new ideas percolating this season, and we think you will be, too.

    • Respoke Espadrilles: New in the far West End, beside the Monument barber shop, it features unique espadrilles made from authentic designer scarves (including Hermes, Pucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Alexander McQueen, and more). The company sources from major auction houses and dealers around the world.
    • Marijuana dispensaries:
      • Curaleaf (recreational): 170 Commercial St.
      • Green Harbor (medical and recreational): 45 Court St.
      • Haven Center (medical and recreational): 308 Commercial St.
      • Heal, Inc. (medical and recreational): 48 Shank Painter Rd.
      • Hennep (recreational): 246 Commercial St.
      • Verdant (medical and recreational): 44 Captain Bertie’s Way
    • The Club: Lea Delaria and Frank Christopher opened this cozy supper-club type establishment in the space formerly occupied by the Pied Bar. No longer a dance club, it features top-level performers, small plates, and Lea Delaria herself. There is a full menu page of Ptownesque crafted cocktails, and in good weather there’s barbeque out on the patio.
    • AWOL Hotel: One of our Best Kept Secrets series for the year. Part of the Lark chain, the AWOL is located in the West End on the site of the former Inn at the Moors and provides a boutique hotel experience: classic Cape Cod with just a hint of playfulness, luxurious surroundings that maintain their simplicity.
    • Provincetown Brewing Company (PBC): Taproom and brews officially roll out in summer 2019. Every PBC product highlights a cause or organization, from LGBTQ+ rights to conservation and more. Charities will receive a percentage of sales from each product sold. Owner Chris Hartley previously worked at Turtle Swamp Brewing. They’re located at 141 Bradford Street in the space formerly occupied by the health-food store and online at
    • LuluLemon is a chain retail store for yoga-inspired technical apparel, located in the former Marc Jacobs space at 184 Commercial Street. The store is seasonal only. See them online at
    • Snack & Supply: a new health-based convenience store located next to Café Heaven and carrying a powerhouse selection of true grab-and-go-style food made fresh daily from GrabN’Go Health Bar.
    • Cape Air offers a special Ptown residents’ rate: $82.50/one way for off-peak hours only. Cape Air doesn’t advertise the rate and it is only good between Boston and Provincetown; tickets must be booked in person showing a valid Provincetown driver’s license.
    • Pedal Ptown: Guide and bicycle enthusiast Rik Ahlberg offers bicycle tours of Provincetown (Discover Ptown, Seashore Adventure, Best of Ptown, and private tours) and bicycle classes (Surviving Commercial Street, Shopping by Bike). Tours depart from 6 Standish St.
    • Far Land Provisions has added a food truck this year that will be parked out at Race Point Beach for most of the summer. Far Land is also excited to be providing baked goods for the Bay State Cruise Company ferry this year.
    • Outermost: This art-and-objects store is a small design partnership characterized by its choice of modern shapes and style rooted in the natural forms, textures, and rich history of its surroundings.
    • Provincetown Commons is a shared workspace and artistic collaboration site that develops accessible space and resources. Meeting rooms, individual workspace, and gallery space are all here.
    • Complete Pilates & Sports Therapy: Located at 368C Commercial St., it offers offer class types from Pilates reformer and Pilates tower to Pilates mat classes, with a sports therapy clinic as well. Classes run Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
    • AirOtic: This erotic version of Cirque du Soleil débuts at Fisherman Hall. AirOtic uses physique, strength, burlesque, and acrobatics to break the fourth wall and connect with its audiences. Sharing an LGBT-focused story of love, passion, sexuality and eroticism, the show features more than 1000 handmade costumes and elaborate sets.
    • The former PBG “Shack” is now the LGBTQ Welcome & Resource Center. Located at 368 Commercial St., it will provide information and resources, tickets for themed events, and branded items for sale.
    • Tween the Tides is a new-quick service restaurant in the Aquarium Mall, bringing you international street eats, standard American fare, and eclectic Cape Cod fusion. Plant-based options aren’t just an afterthought at Tween the Tides!

    But as we said, it’s not just about what’s new, but also about what’s changed. Some of your favorite places are still here, with new, enthusiastic owners who can’t wait to meet you and start the season. And some of them have some great surprises in store for you!

    What’s changed in 2019?

    A lot of places are under new ownership this year, and others have added features to complement what they’re already doing.

    • Perry’s Wine and Liquors: Now owned by Charlie Greener and Billy Marshall, who are bringing in new products they love and want to share.
    • Roux: Now owned by Steven Azar and Michael Wiskar, the inn is undergoing a  transformation—a different name, a different vibe, and a great deal more community contact. Watch this space for more information soon! 
    • joe coffee: Now owned by Mark Shaw, Peter McBrien Jr., and Glenn Siegmund, the café now emphasizes high-quality coffee as an artisanal foodstuff rather than a commodity. The café is also supplying coffee to the Bay State Cruise Company ferry.
    • The East End Market is now owned by Claudio Gervasi and Kevin Moss and offers a full selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners; they’ll prepare beach picnics, bake you something special,  or send you home with a Centerville pie.
    • The former Rego’s Automotive at 656 Commercial Street is now Outermost Automotive, owned and run by Pat and Lacey (and their dog and kids). This has become the locals’ most trusted garage. The family all comes from the Outer Cape and we think it’s great to see an old-school family business flourishing here.
    • The West End Inn is not under new ownership, but is reopening and renovated this season. The captain’s house is a favorite among insiders who love the West End and is also part of our series of best-kept secrets in Ptown!

    At ptownie, we’re on top of all the changes going on in our ever-changing town, and we’ll keep you in the knows. If you want to see what’s going on every week, then subscribe to the ptownie dispatch, bringing you new events, schedule reminders, and our top picks for the week… every week!

    What Did We Miss?

    With changes happening all the time, we’re sure there are exciting new shops, restaurants, and experiences we’ve missed. Let us know and we’ll add it in! email [email protected]

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