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    When is Family Week?

    Family Week Provincetown
    September 27, 2021

    When: Family Week is July 23, 2022 – July 30, 2022
    Where: Various Locations (Provincetown Inn, Bas Relief Park, Crown & Anchor, Provincetown Library)
    About: COLAGE and the Family Equality Council teamed up to produce Provincetown’s annual Family Week that’s especially for families parented by members of the LGBTQ community can gather, share stories, support, and activities, and feel the joy of complete acceptance and common experience. Check out the schedule and consider over 30 family and youth events, including a Havdalah gathering on the beach and/or community communion service, a run for the whales, the multiracial families’ ice cream special, a gathering for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, Zombie tag, author talks and book signings, parenting workshops, adoptive families gathering, theatre, art, and music camps, gatherings for single parents, dads, and moms… the list goes on and on, with new events added every year.
    Event Website: Click Here
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    Things to do during Family Week!

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