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    ptownie is Hiring

    ptownie Hiring Provincetown
    November 29, 2021

    Digital Manager/Researcher/Writer for

    A passion for Provincetown and intimate knowledge of events and happenings.

    • Understanding and competent and WordPress or similar platform
    • Understanding of the business marketing end of Social Media (with emphasis on Facebook and Instagram)
    • Search Engine Optimization- Understanding of the function and attention to details that make successful content. Use or understanding of Yoast would be helpful but interest in learning and becoming really good at this skill is key
    • Ability to research, write, and organize content.
    • Organization, Research, andDetails. This position requires someone who is very organized and willing to research information and put that information in a easy to understand format.
    • Excellent opportunity for someone is interested all aspects of publishing both a magazine, website, and digital strategy for growing and helping local small businesses.

    ptownie fashion mag cover

    Minimum hourly wage is $20 and goes up depending on experience.
    Year round. part time job.
    If you are interested in this position please contact [email protected]

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