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    Take a Moment for Moment Sailing, 10 Years Young!

    Provincetown Moment Sailing
    June 6, 2023

    If you want a more private sailing experience than those offered by the whale watch and the schooners, then Moment Sailing is for you! This beautiful sailboat offers private, captained two-, four- or six-hour sails in Provincetown Harbor for up to six guests from late May to September.

    Owner, Chris Bartick was always enthralled “with having a beautiful sailboat that could take me to the edges of the earth,” he says. His passion for art turned into a graphic design career, but he also managed to create a small boat and sailing business in New York harbor—and simultaneously began using that boat to create artwork onboard. “A dripping pendulum and the motion of the craft signed with the completion latitude and longitude yielded the Moment of Sailing series. From that series bore a fascination with space, time, circumstance, and acknowledging each ‘moment’—the perfect name of the future vessel of my dreams!”

    Moment Sailing Boat

    In 2012, after a career in the city, Bartick transitioned into working freelance, giving him more flexibility. He found a 30-year-old boat (he calls it the “Moment-to-be”) “a bit neglected after a circumnavigation and years of Caribbean sailing, but with strong bones, gorgeous lines, and a layout I could easily live on,” he says. It took over a year to get the boat refitted, most of which he did himself, learning along the way.

    Bartick bought a mooring in Provincetown harbor and began Moment Sailing Adventures. “The first year was just a few clients, but I kept returning year after year of sailing south to grow a following, a friend family, and establish her as part of the fabric of summers in Provincetown.” And it’s hard to imagine the harbor now without them both.

    What does Bartick enjoy most about being out on the water? “The connectivity to the beauty of nature and its forces,” he answers. “The sound of water rushing under the hull—while only being powered by the wind—sunsets, sunrises, wildlife, and storms in the distance that bear magnificent rainbows. There are those whisper-quiet, fog-laden mornings those fast, breezy, wavy afternoons, and dreamy sunsets aboard.”

    He enjoys sharing his space with others. “What makes every single sail unique is the variety of guests we get to encounter and celebrate with. There have been weddings, proposals, friends, anniversaries, and celebrities enjoying their own moment!”

    2023 is Moment’s 10th anniversary, and the vessel—now 42 years old—has been getting lots of love this winter. While Bartick is still intensely involved in his boat, since 2016 he’s also been the co-owner of Respoke (at two locations in Ptown), which provides an outlet for his artwork. “Captain Kendall is the primary captain aboard,” Bartick says. “She’s been sailing Moment for three seasons. She is very experienced, having sailed across the Pacific and is passionate about sailing, hospitality, and safety aboard.”

    Captain Kendall Moment Sailing

    So take a “moment” out of your busy summer and enjoy a day or evening out on the water. Moment Sailing offers easy walk-on walk-off boarding from 16 MacMillan Wharf, and it’s the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion… or create a new one!

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