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    The NEW Washashore Music Festival

    October 1, 2021

    This October something new is coming to Provincetown.

    The Washashore music festival, a weekend of queer music, live performances, drag acts and art will take place October 8th-10th, presented by the Provincetown Brewing Company. While music festivals tend to invoke images of Coachella and Lollapalooza, crowds of tens of thousands and headliners like Beyonce, the washashore festival may be a little more home grown, at least for now. The event organizers and production team include Jonanthan Hawkins of Live from Provincetown which seeks to shine a light on local talented artists and Not Your Average Presents, which as the name suggests, prides itself on creating uncommon and distinctive events.
    So what makes Washashore different? Well for starters it’s going to be really, really queer. From start to finish the event organizers have sought to reimagine traditional music festivals, seeking to create something made by, and for, queer people.
    The festival will feature performances and parties across three stages at the Provincetown Brewing Company, the Crown and Anchor, and Red Room, creating an immersive Provincetown experience for ticket-goers.
    Red Room Provincetown

    “Atendees are encouraged to move between venues, experiencing all that Provincetown has to offer in the process and creating their own custom queer performing arts experience. Overall, our goal is to introduce Provincetown to a new, younger, and more diverse audience while also reinforcing Provincetown’s place as a haven for queer creative expression” Said one of the event organizers, Erik Borg.
    The festival will feature headliner performances by pop star Vincint and Grammy-nominated country singer Ty Herndon. Additional performances will include emerging talent like Siena Liggins, Blew Velvet, Boy Radio, Kate Yeager, LVDY, Marielle Kraft, Bitch, and many more. Local Provincetown artists will also light up the marquee including performances by Zoe Lewis, Qya Cristal, Thirsty Burlington, Billy Hough, and João Pedro-Santos and Mike Sullivan.
    So, why Provincetown? Emphasizing the safety and comfort Provincetown offers, one of the event organizers Alex Dropo told us “It made perfect sense to hold a queer festival in a location where acceptance is a huge part of the community. It allows the performers and attendees to be in a space where they can be free to express themselves.”
    The Washashore Festival hopes to revitalize and breathe new life into a town that has always been associated with art. The Brewing Company hopes to see the festival “(…) grow in the coming years into a South by Southwest-like event in Austin, TX, where art and performance is dripping out of every crevasse of the town.”

    Provincetown Brewing Company

    For tickets and more information go to
    Proof of Vaccination will be required for entry into the event.
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