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    Ask Us Anything! Curaleaf Comes to Ptown

    Curaleaf Ask Us Anything
    February 28, 2020

    Ask Us Anything! Curaleaf Comes to Ptown

    (part one of a two-part series)

    It’s the first adult-use cannabis dispensary to open in Provincetown, and Curaleaf is already doing a brisk business—for good reason: the room is bright and welcoming, the product it sells is attractively arrayed, and the place is filled with really, really nice people.

    It’s those people who are the backbone of the business, says Austin Fiszel and Kate Steinberg, who took a moment during the dispensary’s second week to sit down and chat with ptownie. They can’t seem to say enough about the dispensary staff: knowledgeable, trained, personable, helpful, and… loved.

    “It really is like a family here,” says Steinberg, Curaleaf Cares national program manager (she’s the energy behind the company’s zealous corporate social responsibility), who had stopped in to work a vendor display. “We all look out for each other. It’s not just the quality of the product that’s important to us, it’s also the quality of relationships.” Provincetown Team Lead Fiszel agrees. “You get to make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. “We all feel that sense of purpose. It’s a shared energy.”

    It’s also a local energy. Most of the staff live year-round in Provincetown or on the Outer Cape; the longest commute for an employee is from South Yarmouth. It makes a difference to walk in and see people you know behind the counters, people who are your neighbors and friends, people you’ll run into later at the grocery store. “I was motivated at first to have a gig with good income and stable hours,” admits Fiszel. “But I had no idea how much I’d really love what I’m doing here, and the people I’m doing it with.” It may be a national company, but there’s a definite small-town feel here that isn’t reflected in other chain outlets; a week and a half after opening, the dispensary already has regular customers, most of whom reflect the same attitude: “Thank God,” said one, “that you’re here!”

    The notion of family extends into the community; the company recently made a donation to the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (it chooses a local nonprofit every month to support) and employees participate in various community events. “Like the Polar Plunge!” says Steinberg, her expression registering delight. “We want to help those who are providing for this specific local community,” she adds. “Yes, what we’re doing here is new and exciting, but we also have to give back.” If it’s a slow day and an employee isn’t needed, Curaleaf invites them to spend their shift volunteering somewhere instead. “You know what they say,” adds Steinberg. “If everyone does a little, no one needs to do a lot.”

    Employees do their part. “You’re welcome to leave us tips,” says Fiszel, “and we’re happy to have them, but we don’t keep them. We put the tips together to go to a local charity—we get to decide which one.” And no one works on commission; there are no bonuses attached to sales. “We’re never pressured to make a certain sale—or any sale at all,” says Fiszel. “You can just come in, look around, ask questions, and leave. We’re good with that.”

    It’s a very democratic way to run a heavily regulated business. There are, naturally, requirements; for example, IDs are checked. “But there’s discretion,” says Fiszel. “People need to know this: the only thing we’re checking the ID for is the birth date. Privacy is a huge piece of what we’re doing here.”

    The signs on the walls say, “Ask us anything,” and the staff is eager to answer. There’s a lot to understand as cannabis use passes into the mainstream—and through regulation. “Education is one of our primary functions,” says Steinberg. Employees go through comprehensive training, and are happy to share their knowledge with customers. The dispensary has plans to extend training to the community as well, with classes that include cannabis 101, cooking with cannabis, cannabis for seniors, and more.

    Fiszel remarks on the relaxed atmosphere. “When I interviewed, they asked me about my own cannabis use,” he remembers, a twinkle in his eye. “I was honest with them, sure—and I added, But never on a school night!”

    That humor and acceptance are part of the atmosphere at Curaleaf, and whether or not you’re interested in consuming cannabis, it’s worth a visit. You won’t be welcoming new neighbors to town—you’ll be seeing the ones you already know. And that makes it a perfect fit for Provincetown.

    ptownie tip:

    Want to find out what’s on the menu? (It changes every day) Download the Leafly app to your smartphone, search for Curaleaf, and give the Provincetown location; menus are updated daily.

    You can also order online for even more privacy.

    Adult-use cannabis dispensaries do not accept credit/debit cards. Don’t want to pay ATM fees or walk around with a lot of cash? You can securely download and use CanPay on your smartphone at

    The details:
    Curaleaf Provincetown | Adult Use
    170 Commercial St.
    Provincetown, MA 02657
    Store open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, 7 days/week
    (774) 593-5952
    [email protected]

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