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    5 Ways to Help your Budtender Help you

    Budtender Help
    October 2, 2019

    Walking into a dispensary and ordering legal cannabis for the first time is both a wonderful and surreal experience. Customers find themselves immersed in a whole new world of strain varieties, extracts, edibles, topicals, and a myriad of other innovative products. In most cases, helping them along while they make their selections are budtenders, staff trained to help their customers find the products that will best suit their needs.

    Unfortunately, not all budtenders are created equal. In fact, their competency and helpfulness can vary drastically depending on a number of variables. Helpful budtenders will typically ask more questions than they answer, allowing them to individualize the way in which they recommend products to their customers. An adept budtender will not only know the specification of every product they sell, but can recommend those products on an individual basis by asking questions and culling products until they deduct enough to initiate a selection.

    Read the full article by Patrick Bennett from Leafly here.

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