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    Opening Night: Ryan Landry Showgirls at Provincetown Inn

    June 30, 2024

    Ryan Landry arrived in Provincetown in 1979, fully embracing the town’s vibrant arts and LGBTQ culture. He began performing in outrageous drag shows, favoring absurdist comedy over conventional glamour. Landry formed the “House of Superstar” drag troupe and developed a loyal following for their boundary-pushing acts. He later launched the long-running drag contest “Showgirls,” featuring his signature campy style.

    “Showgirls” is an open-mic talent contest hosted by Ryan Landry every Monday night during the summer. It features a mix of local drag performers, lip-sync artists, comics, and unique acts. Landry insists that the show is a true open microphone where anyone with ambition and nerve can perform. With $1,500 awarded to the best acts, “Showgirls” has become an institution in Provincetown, selling out each week. Ryan Landry’s “Showgirls” is the longest-running show in Provincetown history.

    “Showgirls” has graced several venues, including the Crown & Anchor, A-House, Fisherman Hall, Pilgrim House, and others. This year, opening night is on Monday, July 1 at the Provincetown Inn. Scott Martino, along with his husband Ryan Landry, designed and built a new Brady Bunch-esque venue with 70s wallpaper and “Bed Seats” for those who want to sit, bounce, or nap on luxurious satin QUEEN beds.

    “Showgirls” is an adult version of a middle-school talent show, featuring a mix of nudity, drag, and actual talent. The show is a blend of well-known acts and newcomers, creating a spectacular and unpredictable night of entertainment. Landry’s witty critiques add to the fun, making “Showgirls” one of the best shows in Provincetown. The winner is chosen by audience applause.

    Join us for a night of outrageous entertainment and community spirit that you won’t forget!

    Event Details:

    Opening Date: Monday, July 1 at 9pm
    Cohost: Claybourne Elder
    Venue: Provincetown Inn
    Tickets: Available at House of LaRue in Provincetown or online Here
    Transportation: The “Showgirls Express” trolley runs from 7 PM to midnight from Town Hall every Monday starting July 1, thanks to sponsor Steve Azar and the Gifford House. Tickets are $5 per person/per trip.
    Pre-Show Party: The greatest pre-“Showgirls” party ever at the Lands End Inn with Trevor and Lazerella from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Enjoy wine, snacks, and art, then head to “Showgirls” directly afterward. Mondays belong to the West End!
    Additional Attractions: The grill at the Provincetown Inn Pool will be open during “Adult Swim” and will close once “Showgirls” starts. Hot and juicy burgers and fries are available, with salads for the vegan queens.

    Upcoming Ryan Landry Events:

    The William-Scott Gallery will host a reception with Ryan Landry – “Before I Forget…” on Friday, August 2 from 7 PM to 9 PM.

    Space Pussy: Landry’s recurring glam-punk celebrity showcase rock band returns Wednesday, August 28, 10pm at the Bradford.

    Golden Dust Orphans: Catch them in December in Boston with “Sweeney Claus” The Demon Father of Sleet … Street.

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