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    Elegance, Charm, and Wine (What’s Not to Like?)… Come Visit the Truro Vineyard!

    Truro Vineyards Sign
    June 6, 2023

    Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time when the Truro Vineyard wasn’t on Shore Road in North Truro; the site that used to be a riding stable now looks like it’s been cultivating grapes and creating wine forever. On a summer evening when the outdoor seating is filled with visitors, a local band is playing, the lights are twinkling and the wine is flowing… it’s a magical place.

    Magic doesn’t happen automatically. It’s always the product of hard work. And that’s what the Roberts family has been pouring into the enterprise since 2005. “When my dad retired,” says Kirsten Roberts, one of several family members who work at the vineyard, “that first summer, he went out for a bike ride and passed the winery and saw a for-sale sign up. He came back and said, ‘I think we should buy that goddamned winery!’ We all started laughing; it was the craziest thing we’d ever heard.” But he was insistent and the family trusted his intuition. “We feel it’s the perfect fit,” says Roberts.

    The community—both locals and visitors—agree. The Truro Vineyard of Cape Cod has become a must-stop on everyone’s itinerary, no matter what the season. In the summer there are wine and spirits tastings, vineyard tours, and evening concerts; they’re open year-round for tours and shopping.

    Truro Vineyards

    “We started with seven acres—planted chardonnay, cabernet franc, and merlot,” says Roberts. Other grapes are imported, depending on what works best for the wines. Guests can sip wine while sitting in a beautiful, calm setting and enjoying a bite to eat. What could be more relaxing?

    The winery itself doesn’t provide the food. That’s thanks to a daily food truck called Crush Pad from Truro’s famous Blackfish restaurant—and Crush Pad raises the concept of “food truck” food to a whole new level. The menu changes daily, though with some permanent standbys. The Niman Ranch burger with goat cheddar or gorgonzola and the Kobe beef hot dog (with choices that include kimchi, corn relish, and homemade sauerkraut) are available anytime. There are two lobster rolls—hot and cold—served on a brioche, and they both sell out regularly.

    But the main attraction is still the wine itself, and 2023 is an exciting year as the Vineyard welcomes a new director of wine and winemaker, South Africa’s Jacques van der Vyver, who brings to the table expert knowledge about wine’s principal varietals, including Truro Vineyard’s popular Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as a keen eye for cellar efficiency.

    There’s an effort to provide something for everybody, from limited-edition, estate-grown varietals to canned rosé to go with summer cookouts. And no visit to the Outer Cape is complete without the purchase of one of the Vineyards’ iconic lighthouse bottles!

    Truro Vineyard Wines

    The Vineyard recently expanded into an area across the street due to the growth of its distillery. “Whisky ages for years,” explains Roberts, “and we’d run out of room!” They’re producing single-barrel releases of bourbon and rye, stronger and more potent blends of whisky.

    Twenty-Boat rum is also at the top of everyone’s must-try list. “Our distillery is the first on Cape Cod since Prohibition, and we produce standalone, small-batch spirits with a commitment to quality and flavor,” says Roberts. They blend local botanicals by hand and all bottling is done onsite.

    So—come on out to North Truro. Whether you’re planning an al fresco wedding or would just like to spend a relaxing evening with friends, the Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod is ready to welcome you!

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