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    What is Fantasia Fair Provincetown?

    Fantasia Fair Provincetown
    September 4, 2021

    When: Fantasia Fair is October 16, 2022 – October 23, 2022

    Where: Throughout Provincetown

    About: The first Fair was held in 1975; this makes Fantasia Fair the longest-running transgender event in the world. It has been and continues to be a model for other transgender conferences. Part learning experience, part social gathering, and part reunion, the Fair is a full immersion experience, meaning that attendees can and usually do spend an entire week 24/7 presenting their gender as they wish. Making friends and appearing in the Fantasia Fair Fashion Show and the Follies talent show builds confidence. This has been transformational for many of our attendees.

    Many who have presented their authentic selves in public for the first time at the Fair have gone on to become leaders in the transgender community. Unlike most transgender conferences, Fantasia Fair is not confined to a single hotel.

    Events and meals are in multiple locations, and attendees choose lodging at any of hundreds of inns and bed and breakfasts. Many develop friendly relationships with their innkeepers. Some attendees join together to rent houses and condos, which not only saves them money but allow them to host parties and late-night get-togethers and for friends and fellow Fairgoers.

    Every day is filled with activities and events to inspire, educate, and entertain you. There are workshops mornings and afternoons, with topics ranging from gender theory and transgender history and politics to personal grooming and voice training. Keynote speakers following every lunch, and there are special events every evening, like the Fashion Show, Follies, and Transgender Pioneer and Fantasia Fair Awards Banquets. You’ll learn from community leaders, helping professionals, and your peers in formal and informal situations. We offer the best  program for partners anywhere. Couples find support, friendship and caring, and participate in workshops that explore and recognize the ups and downs of their relationships. Over the decades, hundreds of marriages have been saved at Fantasia Fair.

    For more information and a schedule of events, check out the Fair website.
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