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    Town Crier “Scoops” on Ice Cream

    Ice Cream in Provincetown
    June 1, 2022

    Town Crier looks at the history of Ice Cream shops in Provincetown and gets the “scoop” directly about favorites.

    Lewis Brothers Ice Cream

    Now in its 4th generation with the same family, this venerable Provincetown landmark at 310 Commercial Street was founded by the brothers’ great grandfather, and has operated as a number of different businesses over many decades. Ultimately, the spot became an ice cream parlor in 1998, finally taking the name Lewis Brothers Ice Cream in 1999.

    Alan Lewis’ favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Oreo, which is chocolate ice cream mixed with extract of peppermint, and skirted with Oreos. “It tastes delicious, and I can eat lots and lots of it.”

    His brother David Lewis prefers the Mudslide Chip. Made with Vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s & chocolate chips, “it’s different from anything you’re going to find anywhere. Very refreshing, tastes exactly like a mudslide drink on a hot summer day.”

    All Lewis Brothers flavors are made on premises in the store.

    Lewis Brothers Ice Cream

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    The Nut House

    The Nut House is now in its 22nd year, having been founded by proprietors Kim and Rita in 2000. “We created this place from scratch.”

    Kim’s favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee Chip. “I love the taste of coffee! It also features beautiful dark chips.” Rita prefers the ‘B3’, which is also their most popular flavor. Burnt butter, brownie, and brown sugar. “It’s all sweet and fudgy.”

    (My personal favorite at The Nut House is their Gingersnap Molasses ice cream. It’s the best!)


    Ptown Scoop

    Ptown Scoop, at 177 Commercial Street, was established in 2014.

    During my visit there I met Iliyan, a 20-something university student from Bulgaria. Iliyan’s favorite flavor is Oreo Cookie.

    “It’s nostalgic for me,” he explains. “Oreos did not exist in Bulgaria until fairly recently, maybe only 5 years ago. People love it, they make good promotions there, for example the Batman movies, and everybody goes crazy when they do something like that. About two years ago, Oreos began appearing in ice cream in Bulgaria.”

    When Iliyan arrived here in Provincetown, he tried the Oreo Cookie ice cream. He loved it, because it reminded him of home.

    Scoop ice cream provincetown

    Ben & Jerry’s

    Tucked away beside Town Hall at 258 Commercial Street, this establishment began as a gelateria in 1984. At that time, Ben & Jerry’s was still a local Vermont business, and not yet franchised.

    The current owner, Milan, arrived from Bulgaria and purchased the business in 2019.

    Dennis, a J1 student from Bulgaria, prefers fruity flavors to chocolate. His favorites at Ben & Jerry’s are Strawberry and Lemonade, “Because they contain less sugar and hopefully are a bit more healthy.”


    I Dream of Gelato

    Located in the Aquarium Mall at 207 Commercial Street, I Dream of Gelato was established in 2004. Ricky, originally from Mexico, learned the art of making gelato from the previous owner, and took classes on his own through the years.

    His favorite is the Latin Mystery, from the Italian ‘Mistero Latino’. It’s made with South American nuts, cashews, pecans, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, with a hint of chocolate and white chocolate.

    I Dream of Gelato


    Occupying the small shack in front of the Governor Bradford at 322 Commercial Street, Bliss is a great place to grab some frozen yogurt or a soft serve cone in Provincetown.

    Try the lime yogurt swirled with banana, or vanilla soft serve topped with roasted coconut flakes. Better yet, ask them to recommend one of their rotating favorites, you’ll often be surprised, and never disappointed!

    BLISS ice cream Provincetown


    A renown Provincetown icon, Spiritus, at 190 Commercial Street, is primarily known for its pizza. Unknown to many, Spiritus also offers the best ice cream sundaes in town.

    Spiritus was founded in 1971, selling only pizza, adding ice cream to their menu in 1976. The original location was not in its current spot but across the street, currently occupied by Roots.

    Featuring locally made Lewis Brothers Ice cream as well as Haagen-Dazs, my favorite sundae combination is Chocolate Peanut Butter with Raspberry chocolate chip, topped with hot fudge and fresh whipped cream. I love a sprinkle of crushed peanuts with a strawberry on top!

    Spiritus Pizza


    Provincetown Fudge Factory

    Located at 210 Commercial Street, Provincetown Fudge Factory also offers delicious ice cream.

    Bobby, from Bulgaria, came to Provincetown last year and decided to stay.  His favorite ice cream is Muddy Boots, featuring vanilla, caramel and chocolate brownie. “All these ingredients mixed together are really, really good!”

    Provincetown Fudge Factory


    Twisted Pizza

    Located at 293 Commercial Street, Twisted Pizza is currently owned by Devon Corliss and features delicious ice cream.

    I met with ice cream scooper Wayne, whose favorite Twisted flavor is Chocolate covered caramel, vanilla and cookie dough, “because it’s not your basic cookie dough, it really has its own extra something. You can get most standard flavors pretty much anywhere, but this one is truly unique. Try it!”

    Twisted Pizza Provincetown

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