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    What’s New in 2022

    Provincetown 2022
    May 31, 2022

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, there is a whole lot that’s new in 2022! We made a last-minute decision about whether to add “what’s sold” to the front cover, but thought that would be perhaps too cheeky. Still, in truth, there have been more sales of significant businesses in the last year than over the last five years put together!

    First it’s the Crown & Anchor. Tale a look at our feature article on Jonathan Hawkins and how he’s bringing his own style and culture to the establishment. Rick Murray did amazing work over the years building the Crown into a major entertainment venue, and Jonathan is the perfect person to take the baton. There are new things going on every week. Check it out!

    There are new owners (though they’re not new to Provincetown) of the Crown Pointe, Brass Key, and Shipwreck Lounge. In no particular order, here’s what’s changed, returned, sold, or moved in the last year:

    • Far Land at the Beach Live Music is back starting June 29th our at Herring Cove. We ptownies couldn’t be more excited about that! Wednesdays.
    • PLUSH is a new business in Provincetown that specializes in cotton and cashmere knitwear for both men and women.
    • East End Books did a fundraiser to help Jeff Peters buy the building, so East End Books is secure in its beautiful location
      and will continue to offer a curated selection of reading material.
    • The 90-year-old Provincetown Bookshop left its beloved premises but is being reincarnated under new ownership this year, first as a web-based business and by 2023 with a new physical location.
    • Somerset House in the East End has a new owner who is amazing, nice and has great plans for the place.
    • The 1620 Brewhouse has new owners, Bobby Lymbertos and Bena Jashari-Lymbertos. Bobby started coming to Provinc- etown when he was eight months old, as his parents owned a jewelry store here for 50 years, the longest-running tenant in Whalers Wharf. Bobby and Bena have owned the Underground for 12 years as well as many other ventures. Look for a new vibe in this already great locale.
    • The Inn at Cook Street has new owners as of last summer and the place is looking terrific.
    • ROOM 68 gallery continues great work and has opened a sister location at 313 Main Street in Wellfleet.
    • Sidekicks now rents (and sells) all kinds of stuff you need (and probably forgot to bring!) for your kids in your rental or on the beach.
    • 361 Coffee & Expresso Bar now has a full liquor license, making it a great new spot in the East End to get a cocktail.
    • Edwige was purchased by the guys who own Patio and Pepe’s so look for interesting stuff there.
    • Open since 1959, the Governor Bradford (restaurant and buildings) has been sold by longtime owner Donald Edwards to the Lexvest Group.
    • Puppy Play Ptown, new in Whalers Wharf, makes custom dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. They also carry locally made dog treats and other goodies. 22 Color variations.
    • The Surf Club is re-opening this season having rebuilt after the fire a few years ago. Welcome back!
    • Café Heaven’s Wednesday night HALO has become a weekly institution and townie favorite.

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