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    For many people, access to a computer and a wi-fi network is all that seems necessary to transform your kitchen into your office. But remember—working remotely for a weekend is very different from working remotely on a more permanent basis.

    Still, with a little planning and consideration, it brings amazing benefits. Imagine rolling out of bed moments before work begins, or beginning your day with a walk on the beach; wearing an outfit that’s Ptown-smart instead of office-smart; even—post-pandemic—replacing a dreary commute with a jog down to Tea Dance.

    Connecting to the Outside World

    Your first priority, here as anywhere else, has to be connectivity—you can’t drop off (or out) of video calls—and here on the Outer Cape you have two choices: Xfinity broadband or OpenCape fiber optic. There are a number of discussions about bringing better Internet service to the Outer Cape, so stay tuned, this may change.

    If you go with Xfinity, the service itself is reasonably stable, though in the winter it’s not unusual for the Cape’s high winds to take out power lines—and then you lose your modem/router. Xfinity offers various services for both new and existing customers (Performance Pro, Blast, Extreme, and Gigabit, at ascending rates) on both a one-year and a contract basis.
    Mail in Provincetown

    Post Office Boxes and Shipping

    In addition, MailSpot Express offers fax, printing, scanning, and copying services, and they can do your packing for you. Note that it has a number of drawbacks, among them that it’s open only during the business week, closes at 3:00pm, and isn’t available in the off-season.

    If you have a pressing need, Staples at 136 Route 6A in Orleans also provides printing, copying, scanning, and UPS shipping services, and is open Mon-Sat until 8:00pm and Sunday until 6:00pm.
    Traveling For Work

    Traveling for Business

    The drawback to living and working in Ptown is probably the very thing that drew you here: its isolation. Traveling for business can be a challenge for sure. Here’s what you need to know:


    Provincetown Library

    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    Here are a few general rules for remote work in Ptown:

    Finally, one of our greatest features is the Provincetown Public Library, where you can do so much more than check out books: it’s a quiet place to work with your laptop, offers wi-fi and computers, can source materials and books for you, and more. The library staff is knowledgeable and extremely helpful, and the environment—a display of paintings from the town’s extensive art collection, a half-scale model of the Rose Dorothea fishing schooner, and bookcases reflecting the building’s original use as a church—is always inspiring.