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    PAAM Consignment Auction

    PAAM Provincetown
    September 17, 2021

    When: PAAM Consignment Auction is in September 2022
    Where: PAAM
    About: Free and open to the public, The PAAM Consignment auction is a spectacular live event that features the work of late regional artists. Held annually in September, The PAAM Consignment Auction features artwork by deceased artists who lived, studied, or worked on Cape Cod. Auctioneer and Provincetown art expert James R. Bakker (MA Lic.#154) officiates these events. In the weeks prior to the auction, all lots are displayed for public viewing at the museum in the auction preview exhibition and online.
    PAAM was established in 1914 by a group of artists and townspeople to build a permanent collection of works by artists of outer Cape Cod, and to exhibit art that would allow for unification within the community. In 2014, PAAM celebrated its Centennial year, with programming and exhibitions that highlighted significant artists, artwork, and events that contributed to PAAM becoming the vital cultural institution it is today.
    Integral to the community comprising the Provincetown Art Colony, PAAM embodies the qualities that make Provincetown an enduring American center for the arts, and serves as Cape Cod’s most widely-attended art museum.
    As interest in the region’s contribution to American art history continues to grow, PAAM presents an ever-changing lineup of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and cultural events that seek to promote and cultivate appreciation for all branches of the fine arts for which Provincetown is known.
    For more information, visit the museum event website.

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