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    What is The Provincetown Afterglow Festival?

    Afterglow Festival Provincetown
    September 13, 2021

    When: Afterglow Festival is September 2022

    Where: Provincetown Art House

    About: Now in its eleventh year, the Afterglow Festival is hosted by Starsky & Cox and is a Mark Cortale/Provincetown Art House production. It’s a gathering of both renowned and under-the-radar innovative stage artists evolving the world of live performance today. Afterglow serves as an international destination for performing artists to express their creativity and vision while fortifying Provincetown’s unique historical standing as a center for vanguard stage craft.

    Founded by Quinn Cox and John Cameron Mitchell, Afterglow renews the centennial artistic bond between Greenwich Village and Provincetown, enriching the cultural heritage of this great Cape Cod hamlet, making it a post-seasonal destination for international artists and audiences alike. It fills a niche in the Provincetown arts scene long left vacant. In a performance landscape of community theater productions and commercial entertainments, Afterglow galvanizes professional, progressive artists and intelligent, appreciative audiences.

    The festival name recognizes the season in which it occurs, post-Labor Day and full summer glare, a most beautiful and inspiring time in Provincetown. Afterglow invites performers and the public to bask in the glittering light of pure, live artistic expression.

    For more information and an updated schedule, visit the Afterglow Festival website.


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