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    Meet WOMR, Your Community Radio Station!

    Meet WOMR Radio Station Provincetown
    January 27, 2019

    We thought you’d like to learn a little about our partner WOMR/WFMR, Cape Cod’s only community radio station. WOMR’s purpose is to build community through media.

    Mission statement: To operate a non-profit, non-commercial community radio station on Cape Cod providing a media platform to present local, eclectic, entertaining, informative and educational programming; and to encourage community participation in all aspects of the station.

    Values statement: WOMR is built on a foundation of volunteerism, sustained by the financial support of our listeners, and committed to the freedom of expression of our individual and collective voices. These values inspire all of our work.

    • We present programming intended to meet the needs of local people not served fully by other media outlets.
    • We offer opportunities for many people to share their perspectives, experiences, and concerns with their neighbors, near and far.
    • We reflect the Cape Cod community, a unique and eclectic region with a rich culture and history. Founded in Provincetown, we proudly carry forward the legacy of those radio visionaries to all of Cape Cod and beyond.
    • We seek diversity in our programming and welcome the participation of all genders, ages, races, and physical abilities in our activities. We are a voice for individual creativity, for inclusion, for those whose voices are often unheard, for celebrating the past and for embracing the future.
    • We collaborate with other organizations, groups, and individuals in order to enrich and support our local and regional community.
    • We are committed to engaging our listeners and potential listeners, and to be accessible and responsive to them.
    • We employ democratic and transparent principles in the governance of the organization.
    • We adhere to both the letter and spirit of the FCC laws governing non-commercial broadcasting and the IRS regulations for not-for-profit organizations.
    • We manage the corporation’s financial resources, the organization’s human resources, and the planet’s physical resources responsibly. We recognize and call attention to the fragile land mass and marine environment of our home on Cape Cod.
    • We make every effort to achieve professional excellence as radio hosts and journalists.

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