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    Weed Update for Provincetown. Light at the End of the Tunnel….or Pipe?

    Weed Update Provincetown
    December 19, 2019

    Yes folks, we think there is light at the end of the tunnel…..or pipe.

    Curaleaf just received their State approval yesterday, so they now plan to submit to Licensing for a hearing at the end of January.

    Here is the reason for a hold up. The local Provincetown license application asked all the dispensaries for State approved Operation/Management Plans and Security Plans.  That is to make sure our Ptown Licensing board is looking at the same materials and operation as the State regulators.  It also means Provincetown gets to rely on the State experts on the details of these plans and don’t need to spend a lot of time or money trying to get third party reviews of the plans.  This will allow the Town to enforce regulations at the local level in case problems in the operation pop up mid year.

    Therefore it makes sense that they get their state approval and then apply for their local license.You can always get your updates at or

    Please see below for the stage each Dispensary is in.

    Marijuana Establishments





    (Retail and Production)

    220 Commercial Street Unit #2


    336 Commercial Street Unit #10


    Community Meeting held March 22, 2019

    Host Agreement signed August 5, 2019

    State License pending

    Special Permit approved September 12, 2019 (PDF)

    Local License Pending



    170 Commercial Street

    Community meeting held June 7, 2018

    Host Agreement signed November 15, 2018

    State License APPROVED

    Special Permit (PDF) approved August 23, 2018 (PDF)

    Local License pending

    Green Harbor

    (Medical and Recreational)

    79 Shank Painter Road

    Community meeting held May 21, 2018

    Host Agreement signed May 20, 2019

    State license pending

    Special Permit (PDF) approved October 24, 2019 (PDF)

    Local License pending

    Haven Center

    (Medical and Recreational)

    308 Commercial Street

    Community meeting held June 8, 2018

    Host Agreement signed November 21, 2018

    State license pending

    Special permit approved August 8, 2019 (PDF)

    Local License pending

    Heal Inc

    (Medical and Recreational)

    48 Shank Painter

    Community meeting October 25, 2018

    Host Agreement signed December 24, 2018

    State license pending

    Special Permit (PDF) hearing January 10, 2019 (PDF)

    Local License pending



    246 Commercial Street

    Community meeting held May 11, 2018

    Host agreement signed November 8, 2018

    State License pending

    Special Permit (PDF) hearing January 10, 2019 (PDF)

    Local License pending


    (Medical and Recreational)

    44 Captain Berties Way

    Community meeting held November 29, 2018

    Host agreement signed December 19, 2018

    State License pending

    Special Permit (PDF) approved July 26, 2018 (PDF)

    *Appealed Sep 17, 2018 (PDF)

    Local License pending

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