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    Cannabis with Confidence: Answering Questions

    Curaleaf Provincetown Products
    March 1, 2020

    Cannabis with Confidence: Curaleaf Comes to Ptown

    (part two of a two-part series)

    Previously we introduced Curaleaf, Provincetown’s first adult-use dispensary for cannabis, along with its local connections and local social outreach. But now it’s time to drill down into what the product is, what the process might be, and—most importantly—how you can make choices that are comfortable for you.

    “This is about ending the stigma,” says Kate Steinberg, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, who came to Curaleaf four years ago, starting as a dispensary associate and working her way up to a position in the corporate office. “In a sense, it’s like coming out of the cannabis closet! They used to put people in prison for something that’s now being used to improve the quality of people’s lives—and bring tax dollars into town.”

    That purpose—improving the quality of life—is apparent in the approach of everyone at Curaleaf as to how they’re educating customers and what they’re selling to them. “It’s important to find exactly what works for each person,” says Steinberg. “We don’t ever want anyone to ever leave here saying, what do I do with this?”

    Regulation has brought with it a massive improvement in what people are consuming, both from a quality and a dosage standpoint. Massachusetts has some of the strictest standards in the country, testing in parts per billion, whereas other states settle for parts per million. What this means for you is the purest product available. “A quality product is essential,” says Austin Fiszel, team lead at the Provincetown dispensary. “And we’re confident we’re providing the very best there is.”

    The best starts semi-locally, with plants grown in what Steinberg calls a “nurturing environment” in Webster, Massachusetts—though it’s probably a matter of time before there are Cape Cod growers as well. “We’re trying to keep everything as local as possible,” says Steinberg.

    The plants are then used to create a plethora of products. A sampling of Curaleaf’s offerings includes:

    • concentrates: live crystals, live resin, moonrocks, pure wax
    • droppers with flavors that include cranberry-orange, strawberry, and—of course!—“taste of rainbows”
    • edibles: chocolates, gummies, tablets, drops, tinctures, oils, fruit chews, mints
    • flowers: CBD, hybrid, indica
    • pre-rolls
    • salves, creams, lotions

    “There’s something here for everyone,” says Fiszel, who came to Curaleaf out of excitement for the booming industry along with the levity the booming industry can bring. “In fact, we even have a THC-infused lubricant—we call it ‘bedroom cannabis’!”

    Seriously? Fiszel nods enthusiastically. “There are so many new products, with new methods of consuming them,” he answers. “Products that meet a variety of needs for people – from seeking euphoria or relaxation to a sense of well-being… to supporting symptom management in pre-approved medical conditions. Really, something for everyone!”

    Dosing is an important consideration, and it’s an essential part of the sales routine at Curaleaf. Because of the regulations around production, people here know precisely how much THC is contained in every product. “We might sell someone a five-milligram gummy,” says Steinberg. “But we might suggest the customer cut it in half to start, see how they feel. We don’t ever want anyone to be uncomfortable.” The advantage is that, unlike when one takes pharmaceutical medication, here the user is in control of their dosage. “Power to the people!” says Steinberg.

    Understanding the science behind the cultivation helps inform decisions about choice and dosage as well. The two cannabis subspecies generally marketed are indica and sativa, and Curaleaf staff ask customers what result they’re looking for before recommending one or the other. Indicas tend to decrease energy and are better for consumption in the evening or at night, while sativas are uplifting and cerebral, and knowing the difference obviously enhances consumers’ experiences.

    Steinberg and Fiszel agree on this: the more educated people become, the more they’re able to consume cannabis with confidence!

    ptownie tip:

    Want to find out what’s on the menu? (It changes every day) Download the Leafly app to your smartphone, search for Curaleaf, and give the Provincetown location; menus are updated daily.

    You can also order online for even more privacy.

    Adult-use cannabis dispensaries do not accept credit/debit cards. Don’t want to pay ATM fees or walk around with a lot of cash? You can securely download and use CanPay on your smartphone at

    The details:
    Curaleaf Provincetown | Adult Use
    170 Commercial St.
    Provincetown, MA 02657
    Store open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, 7 days/week
    (774) 593-5952
    [email protected]

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