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    Publisher’s Letter

    The amount of change during the last year in Provincetown is slightly overwhelming. I just spent an hour searching for the perfect quote that can express the mixed emotions that come with change. Trying to sum up how town is feeling about all this change is messy and complicated. Just like us.

    The amount of change that is really good fills many us with hope and encouragement that we are a town that is learning to work together in a better way. There is also a significant amount of melancholy that comes with the much loved places that have sold. Many worry that places once adored for beauty, vibe, and quirkiness might just disappear. What I do know is that it isn’t going to do any good to focus on what we “think” might be bad, but instead work on what we continue to do: keep this town the magical place we love.

    My favorite thing for this issue was doing the photo shoot with Xia Maxwell. Most of you old time ptownies know Xia but don’t know that you do. Xia was the the little girl who pulled the red wagon down the street selling lemonade. Yes, her: “Lemonade, 50 cents!” Well, she is all grown up, still lives on the Outer Cape, and we have photographs to prove it. Many thanks to my friend Alex Stadler for painting the fantastic lemonade stand used in the photo shoot.

    Watch out. The Crown & Anchor is under the new stewardship of Jonathan Hawkins and the work he is doing over there is nothing short of astounding. Us locals are thrilled that the Crown was bought by Jon and his husband Paulo, who are keeping true to the Crown’s roots. Amazing entertainment keeps Provincetown as a premiere LGBTQ destination. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Rick Murray for his years in town, elevating the level of the entertainment options offered to the community.

    I am also loving the feature on Provincetown Brewing Co. These guys are kicking some serious ass since starting up, building a Queer Brand that is going to be really fun to watch in the next few years.

    Our article on the remnants and evolution of the stigma of cannabis is something we feel strongly still needs to be talked about. We hope you give it a read and some thought.

    After a Covid hiatus we bring back our annual Best of Provincetown Awards, affectionally known as the “Boo Boo Awards.” These folks have gone above and beyond to provide great products and services and we want to recognize them.

    Our “What’s New in 2022” section is chock full of everything we could think of that has changed, and highlights some of our favorites. If you are not watching Wake Up, Provincetown on YouTube on Friday mornings it is time you start. Harrison Fish and Bob Keary are tackling something extremely difficult and knocking it out of the park. Aqua Bar is going to have music this year and the line up is looking great. Far Land Provisions is also back on Wednesdays with music at Herring Cove. Us locals certainly have missed the series during Covid.

    Kick back, enjoy the issue, and get ready for a fantastic 2022 season.

    – Mike Miller, Publisher